Led Video Wall  

A video wall consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen. Typical display technologies include LCD panels, LED arrays, DLP tiles, and rear projection screens.

Available both in indoor and outdoor
Led wall can also be rented for 1day, 1 week etc. Types of Pitch available p6,p8, p10, p16, p18 available in both single colour and multicolor.

  • Control Rooms
  • Transportation
  • Advertisement
  • Defense Security
  • Boardrooms
  • Stadium score boards
  • Airport and Railway stations
  • Shopping Mall and Supermarket
  • Education and Communication
The Detail Technical Specification for P16

Pixel Data

No  Item  Parameter
1  Pixel pitch  16 mm
2  Pixel composition  2 red, 1 green and 1 blue LEDs
LED Data
No  Item    
1  Red tube core  620-625nm  900-1800mcd
2  Pure green tube core  520-525nm  1800-3600mcd
3  Pure blue tube core  465-470nm  300-600mcd
Screen Parameters
1 Brightness  7000cd/M2
2 Brightness adjustment  Manual, 256 level
3 Scanning method  Static
4 Drive methods  Constant current drive / Static Latching
5 Horizontal View angle  >120 degrees (left and right)
6 Module Display Brightness Uniformity  < 5%
7 Best View distance  5 m--150 m
8 Grey scale  Homochromy 14bit
9 Display colors  36 bit color
10 Refresh Frame Frequency  600HZ
11 Control method  Video Frequency Synchronization
12 Data transfer method  Parallel RS 232 / 485 /45
13 Lifetime  > 100,000 hours
14 Defects rate  ≤0.00001(Led display line standard<0.0001)
15 Operating voltage  AC220V/50HZ or AC110V/60HZ
16 Screen power consumption  Max: 1000w/m2; Average: 320-560w/m2
17 Color Temperature  Brightness of R,G,B adjustable by the   software 256 grades, Color temperature   adjustable according to requirement
18 Effective Communication  Unshielded twisted pair net line transmission   distance 100m, max transmission distance   130m.
19 Distance (Without relay)  Multi-mode Optic fiber transmission distance   500m;Single-mode optic fiber transmission   distance 10KM
20 MTBF  Not less than 10000 hours
21 Earth Leakage Current  < 2mA
22 Environment temperature  -20deg C  ~+70deg C
23 Operating ambient humidity  10%—95%RH
24 Systems operating platforms  WINDOWS, XP with a friendly UI, and interface   for secondary development.

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