Online NAV Display  
  Application for Ticker Displays
Online Share stock status /NAV LED Ticker Displays: This ticker display is used for displaying Scheme & NAV which is updated through our application VB Software (non license), whenever the system is put ON our software will just pick up the updated XL files to be displayed on ticker display. It will over write to the previous rate whenever new file is generated.

Outdoor tickers do more than just attract attention -- they make your location a landmark. Whether your ticker informs with news headlines and financial data or entertains with sports scores and movie reviews... driving and walking traffic will pay attention. Ticker updates will attract and hold your customers' attention, whether they’re passing by, waiting in line, or sitting down to discuss your products and services

  • Display can be customized as per client requirement.
  • Multilingual available in any Indian Regional language
  • Scrolling / fixed message can be displayed.
  • 1000 character memory per message.
  • Online NAV ticker can display up to Top 100 NAV rates.
  • Available in Indoor, semi outdoor & for outdoor application
  • Multiple line facility
  • Interface through GPRS Modem.

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