Parking Guidance System  
It is the most updated technology in car parking, which can direct & guide you along the most convenient available parking space in the parking zone.

When  it  comes  to  parking, it is necessary  to  manage the movement of the vehicles within  these facilities  to  ensure  the  highest  possible  occupancy, optimal space utilization and to provide a stress free pleasurable environment for parking customer.

Parking guidance system has the ability to pinpoint numbers of vacant parking spaces available on each level which help drivers to reached to the most convenient parking space in the shortest amount of time.

Ensure a pleasurable & stress free parking experience
Efficiently direct traffic to levels with available spaces
Reduces time spent in searching for parking space
Makes traffic facilities safer & more efficient
Eliminates driver frustration
Stop congestion / eliminate meandering
Establishes a marketable reputation for convenient & efficient parking
Enhance the satisfaction of your customer
Reduce the internal traffic load & the environmental pollution
LED parking available display are energy efficient & low power consuming

Parking Guidance Systems Can Be Customize According To Your Requirement  
     Main Entrance Display

     Before entering a parking area this display shows total
     Number of space available for parking.
     Item: MED-3644 
     Size: 36" H x 44" W x 2.5" D

Entry Level Parking Display

Whenever any car is entered in this parking area this
Display gives an over all status of all level of parking
Space available in this parking area
Item: ELD-3096 
Size: 30" H x 96" W x 2.5" D

     Single Level Parking Display

     This display show the total space available for parking
     in this particular level.
     Item : SLD-1524 
     Size: 15" H x 24" W x 2.5" D

Suitable for:  

Shopping Mall, Multiplex Theater, Corporate Lobbies, Multi Storyed Residential Complex, Hotels, Club House, Pubs, Sports Complex, Auditoriums and also where parking is the need to be provided in an pleasurable environment to their esteemed customers.

  • LED 5mm round double line daylight visible.
  • Character height of LED Display: 5.5”
  • Alluminium Extrusion Powder Coated Body.
  • Number of digit in Each Display: 04
  • Number of Parking Level: As per your requirement.
  • Parking status is updated automatically or can be set to a desired number through VB based application Software for VIP Booked spaces.
  • Facility to show each level in OPEN & CLOSED Status as per our requirement.
  • Printing in good quality Night visible reflective vinyl

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