Dynamic Ad, is now one of the most Successful and leading force in its proper domain, as a complete Manufacturer of all types of Electronic Sign & Display Systems. Our fully integrated production process means that virtually all elements of production are carried out in house. We can assure that customer receives the highest level of quality & reliability. Technologically driven & service oriented approach has been the key to our success.

We are the leading player in this industry with large range products Like electronic moving display single colour / multicolour operated through Ethernet, GSM, GPRS, PC interface, Pc keyboard, & normal Keyboard, Parking Guidance System, Bank interest Rate display , foreign Exchange Display, production status display all operated through PC Interface Ethernet & wireless infrared remote control, Bank token display with RF remote & with wired normal keyboard, Petrol Rate information display operated through RF remote & Ethernet based technology, GPRS based stock exchange & commodity rates ticker display,Scroller Display, Electronic Score display, Online NAV rate display, Electronic theatre Sign display, Multiple line Notice display, GPRS based Digital clock , quick banner standee, society sign display, our wide range of  above displays are used in many manufacturing industry, financial, advertising, travel & hospitality, transport, Malls, commerce, retailing, entertainment sectors, and many others.

Dynamic Ad, Electronic displays are the state-of-the-art product used in Parking guidance system, Petrol rate information display, GPRS based stock exchange & commodity rate ticker display, Online NAV display Banks, Restaurants, Hotels, Fast food centers, Opticians, Showrooms, Supermarkets, Provision stores, Hospital, Clinics, offices, factories, Railway, Airports, ST Depot almost every were, you name the place, you find an application….

Our Main Products:  


We specialized in providing customized Electronic Displays as per design and requirement of our customers


 Dynamic Ad - It is a fast growing company in the field of LED Display Boards.



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