Queue Management System  

Multi Counter Queuing Token Display is indigenously built with the state of art
Technology to announce Token Number and the Counter/Desk Number of the display
From its internal Computer Software in a pleasant human voice. As per the prevailing
Trend in electronic automation this is an advance Token Announcer System. Which saves the customer from continuous gazing at the token display. As soon as any Token Number is changed or incremented by the operator on any Counter. The respective Counter/Desk Number will FLASH to alert the customers. With this new System, customer is now free to approach other services or read a newspaper/magazine and approach the couner only when their respective number are announced. Thus this system avoids people gathering near the counter. This display can also be cinfigred with additional parallel display for the visibility from multiple location/points. This Multiple Counter Display is useful for Customer Care Centers, Bank’s Multiple Help Desks/Single Window Counters, Clinics, Hospitals and many more places where large number of customers are to be serves in Queue. Size of the above shown Display is 27”X8”X4” and is made by 4inch 7 segment display. The cabinet was made in black colour


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