Token Display  

Bank Token Display operated through Keyboard

Wireless RF Remote Control

  • Token Announcing System operated through wired  keyboard
  • Language Available - In all Indian Regional Languages.
  • Audio in Pleasant Human Female voice.(Non Robotic)
  • LED 5MM Round / Seven Segment for Clear Visual Effect.
  • Available In 2/3/4/5 digit seven segment
  • Super bright display.
  • One Key Sequential increment control
  • Auto clear function
  • Built in security alarm system.
  • Auto power saving mode.
  • Wired Keyboard In MS cabinet
  • Indicator available in Acrylic cabinet / Aluminum Extrusion powder coated body


Wireless RF Remote Control

  • Advance RF based wireless token display is available in Single / Multiple Line
  • Multiple Line RF token display can be used to display missed & current status token number.
  • Missed Token is visible up to further four next actions taken. Current status is shown in flashing format in first  line
  • Number of Lines : 05
  • Available in LED /Seven segment display
  • Wireless Keyboard in Moulded ABS cabine
  • Body in aluminum extrusion powder coated section.

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